Water Conservation

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Water conservation program 2017 to 2018 monthly break down of conservation percentages

Water Conservation, Lawns, and Trees

For some suggestions on how to maintain your lawn and conserve water, please watch the following video: Grass Can Always Be Greener. You may decide that you'd like to reduce water consumption by opting to remove your lawn and replace it with native plant material. 

Let's not forget about our trees during the drought. For tips on how to save your landscape trees while conserving water, please read Water Wise Tree Care. It is possible to save water and trees (PDF)!

Parkway Landscape Guide and No-Fee Permit

Landscaping the parkway in front of your home with drought tolerant vegetation in combination with, or without, hardscape materials is one way to conserve water.

Please review the City's Parkway Landscape Guide for some attractive and water conserving ideas. Once you have a plan, simply complete a No-Fee Parkway Encroachment Permit (PDF) and submit it along with your plan to the Public Works Department for review.

Los Angeles County hosts a series of FREE Smart Gardening Workshops. Sign up for a workshop in your area to learn more about drought tolerant gardening in their beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes.