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Shooting Range
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Rebuilding the Range
The Signal Hill Police Department's shooting range, which was originally built in 1968, was closed in 1990 due to asbestos contamination. In 1999, the city obtained a $100,000 asbestos abatement grant from the State of California to rebuild the tactical shooting range.

After the removal of the asbestos, a new bullet trap was installed. The bullet trap is composed of a rubber-like material that can stop up to a .50 caliber bullet. The walls were covered with the same material and will deflect a bullet in case of an unintentional discharge. Acoustic tiles were installed to reduce noise, and the air ventilation system was also upgraded.


Additionally, the electronic targeting system, Range-Tec, was installed. Range-Tec is a computerized target system that rotates and moves the targets down range. The computer also has a sound system that can be programmed to copy and reproduce any recorded sound. A police car light bar was also added to make the scenarios more realistic. The range has a specially designed lighting system that can simulate any lighting condition, from daylight to total darkness.

Officer Training

The officers engage in various shooting situations, including shoot and don't shoot scenarios. They also train in tactical combat shooting, shooting on the move, and stationary target shooting. The officers qualify in the range with a variety of weapons, including their sidearm duty weapons, 12 gauge shotguns, MP-5 submachine guns, and less lethal weapons.

The firearm range is for tactical training and is not open to the public.

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