Building Safety

City Hall Closed to the Public

Due to COVID-19, and to ensure the health and safety of the public and our personnel, City Hall is closed to the public through at least April 19. Currently, there are no public counter hours for Planning or Building and Safety. We are available during regular business hours, please call or e-mail for assistance.


The building safety program regulates the building construction process by:

  • Conducting field inspections
  • Coordinating the plan check process by logging and reviewing plan submittals for compliance with local and state codes
  • Issuing certificates of occupancy
  •  Issuing permits

Permit Issuance & Plan Check Submittal Hours

Permits are issued and plan checks are submitted during the following hours:

Mondays through Friday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and by appointment only in the afternoon.

Project Development

An overview of the development process in Signal Hill can be found in our Project Development Guide (PDF). This document contains detailed information regarding the city's review process. It also provides contacts for outside agencies that may have oversight authority and highlights typical development constraints, such as oil wells and seismic hazards. Please also review the Fire Department Requirements (PDF). Applicants are responsible for submitting plans to the County of Los Angeles Fire Department for plan check approval.

DigAlert 811

Southern California's free and easy solution for protecting underground utilities. By law, it is your responsibility to contact DigAlert before beginning work. Visit the DigAlert website for more information.

Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation Plan (SUSMP)

All new commercial and residential developments need to do their part to help protect the quality of our rivers, wetlands and ocean. To help accomplish this, the State Regional Board requires the preparation of a Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation Plan (PDF) (SUSMP).

Water Meter Plan Check

To assure the correct sizing of water meters the City requires a water plan for new development projects. Projects must be sized in conformance with the California Plumbing Code. A plan showing the fixture count and estimated domestic, fire and irrigation systems demand may be required.

Duplication of Building Plans

For information regarding the duplication of building plans, please read on (PDF).

Residential inspections of properties for sale

Building inspections of properties for sale are required only for properties with 4 or more dwelling units which is over 10 years old from the date of completion of the original construction.

This does not include condominiums but does include apartment buildings or parcels with 4 or more residential units. Inspection costs are:

4 units $535
5-10 units $669
10 units + $1,339

For additional information, please refer to SHMC Section 8.40.020.