Review for Other Solar Projects

PV Projects Requiring Plan Review

When projects do not meet over the counter PV permit criteria, a plan review process may be necessary. Three sets of plans must be submitted (11” x 17” size is preferred).

Complete a Plan Check Application (PDF). A plan check fee must be paid at the time of project submittal. Contact the Building Safety Department for the fee amount at 562-989-7340. The project will be reviewed by a plan check consultant which may take 1-3 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the project. Upon completion of the plan check, applicant will be contacted and notified if any corrections are required. Approved plans will be stamped by the plan check consultant and the Building Safety Department and the applicant will be notified to complete a building permit application. The permit can be obtained at the City Hall building at 2175 Cherry Avenue, Signal Hill.

Inspections are scheduled within 24-hours of a request on Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Leave a message at the Inspection Request Line: (562) 989-7348. If the project fails inspection, subsequent inspections will be performed as needed until the project meets solar building code requirements.

Following inspection and approval of the system, Building Department staff will contact Southern California Edison and provide a release as permission to connect to the local distribution grid.