Current Projects 

Current Projects

Please see the Development Status Report (DSR) (PDF) for a list of current Planning Projects.

For an explanation of the DSR legend and common abbreviations, click here (PDF).

For more information about a specific project, please contact Community Development at 562-989-7340.

6th Cycle Housing Element Update:  Housing Inventory Sites

Read the full Draft Housing Element Update 6th Cycle (PDF) document.

Every eight years, California law requires that all cities and counties update their plan to address housing needs for everyone in the community. Help Signal Hill come up with a plan to provide enough affordable housing options for our working families, seniors, and young professionals and to ensure children who grow up here can afford to remain in the community.  

If we don't get a new housing plan approved that provides housing options across all incomes, the City could be fined, lose State funding opportunities, lose the ability to issue permits, and in the end lose local control over having a say where new housing should go. The decisions that we make in the coming months will shape Signal Hill's future. Let's work together to make sure Signal Hill's housing plan is the best one for our city.

The following four housing inventory sites are currently being considered to accommodate the State mandated Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) allocation of 517 units for the upcoming 6th Cycle Housing Element update. Analysis of constraints to development and site capacity is underway. The following conceptual site plans and renderings were presented for public review and comment at the Housing Element Public Workshop #2 on 8/17/2021.

Housing Element Draft Environmental Impact Report (PDF)

Appendix A (PDF)

Appendix B (PDF)

Appendix C (PDF)

Appendix D (PDF)

Appendix E (PDF)

Appendix F (PDF)

Appendix G (PDF)

Appendix H (PDF)

Appendix I (PDF)

Conceptual Inventory Site Map

Inventory Sites Map

Site #1: Orange Bluff Conceptual Site Plan

Orange Bluff Conceptual Site Plan

Site #2: Walnut Bluff Conceptual Site Plan

Walnut Bluff Conceptual Site Plan

Site #3: Town Center Northwest Conceptual Site Plan

Town Ctr NW Conceptual Site Plan

Town Center NW Conceptual Main Street

Town Center NW Main Square Rendering

Town Center NW Conceptual Retail Plaza

Town Center NW Retail Plaza Rendering

Site #4:  Heritage Square

In 2018, this site was proposed as the Heritage Square mixed-use residential and commercial development. The City’s General Plan designated this site as a future central business district, mixed-use development. In 2018, a conceptual plan for a mixed-use project, proposed as Heritage Square was reviewed at a community meeting. Public support was voiced for the mixed-use concept; however, the following concerns were registered:

  • The height of the residential structure which was 3- and 4-story;
  • The density/number of res. units was too great (203 units); and
  • An ownership residential product was preferred over the proposed rental type 

The current conceptual plans have been revised as follows:

  • Reduced height with a residential mix of three-story townhomes within the site and two-story single-family residences along Rose Avenue;
  • Reduced density for a total of 72 residential units consisting of 64 three-story townhomes and 8 two-story single-family residences; and
  • Ownership townhomes versus rental apartments.

2018 Conceptual Site Plan

Heritage Square 2018 site plan

2018 Entry from Cherry Ave. and E. Burnett St. Conceptual Rendering

Heritage Square Mockup 1

2021 Conceptual Site Plan

Heritage Square 2021 Conceptual Site Plan

2021 Entry from Cherry Ave. and E. Burnett St. Conceptual Rendering

Heritage Square 2021 rendering

2018 Main Square Conceptual Rendering

Heritage Square 2018 Main Street

2021 Main Square Conceptual Rendering

Heritage Square 2021 Main Street

Timeline for Submittal of 6th Cycle Housing Element Update 

Sites ID (location and size)                                                                          Oct.30, 2020

  • Refine per Orange Bluff site over Walnut Bluff site; and                      
  • Refine per Creston Commons Phase I only and < units                   Nov. 30, 2020 

ID Sites Constraints and Mitigation                                                                                              

  • ID well abandonments/re-abandonments                                          Jan. 30, 2021
  • Prepare Phase I                                                                                 Feb. 30, 2021
  • Prepare Phase II and HHRA reports as needed                                June 15, 2021

Draft 6th Cycle HEU (Depending on HCD docs.)                                          Aug. 5, 2021 

Survey Monkey and Outreach                                                                      April 1, 2021

Final Project Description and NOP (30 day review)                                     May 14, 2021

PC Public Workshop #1 for 6th Cycle ZOA/GPA/CEQA Scoping Mtg.         May 18, 2020

PC Public Workshop #2 for 6th Cycle ZOA/GPA/CEQA                               Aug. 17, 2021

Draft Submittal to HCD (*** 60 days to comment)                                       Sept 15, 2021

PC Public Workshop #3                                                                               Sept. 21, 2021

Draft CEQA Doc. Circulation for Public Comment (*45 day review)            Sept. 29, 2021

45- Day Review Period Ends**                                                                    Nov. 15, 2021

Receive Draft Comments from HCD                                                            Nov.15, 2021

PC PH for 6th Cycle ZOA/GPA/CEQA**                                                       Nov. 16, 2021

Complete Responses to HCD all Comments                                               Nov. 30, 2021

CC Introduction of 6th Cycle ZOA/GPA/EIR Certification.                            Dec. 14, 2021

CC 2nd Reading and Approval 6th Cycle ZOA/GPA/CEQA                          Jan 11, 2022

HCD Deadline for Submittal (Oct. 15 +120 Days)                                       Feb. 12, 2022


  *45 Day Comment Period Begins

** 45 Day Comment Period Ends

*** 60 Day HCD Review Period

Gateway Center North

  • 950 E. 33rd Street and Southwest corner of California Ave. and E. 33rd Street
  • Remodel of the existing Target Store
  • Three added commercial pads totaling 23,500 square feet
  • New self-storage facility
  • Developer: Target Corporate and Signal Hill Petroleum

Status: On April 20, 2021, the Planning Commission approved SPDR 21-03 and SPDR 21-04 (see the Agenda here).  On May 11, 2021, the City Council approved ZOA 21-01, CUP 21-01, CUP 21-02, the MND, and the Development Agreement (see the Agenda here).

Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration (PDF)

Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration (PDF)

Appendix A (PDF)

Appendix B (PDF)

Appendix C (PDF)

Appendix D (PDF)

Site Plan
Retail rendering
Self Storage rendering
Target rendering

Summerland Specific Plan (SP-2)

  • 1375 E. 23rd Street
  • 16 two-story detached single-family homes
  • Developer: RC Homes

Status: Phase I and Phase II of the Summerland Residential Project are currently under construction.  

Elevation for website
Site Plan for website

2599 E. Pacific Coast Highway

  • 7 attached and detached single-family homes
  • Applicant: Thomas Jacobs, Agent

Status:  The Planning Commission has recommended that the project proceed to a public hearing following completion of reports facilitating an environmental (CEQA) determination.

PCH Molino Elevations_Page_1
PCH Molino Elevations_Page_4
2599 E PCH Site Plan for Website

2750 E. 20th Street

  • Proposal to demolish an existing one-story single-family dwelling and construct three detached single-family homes with a two-car garage per unit and three surface parking spaces
  • Applicant: Narshima Reddy

Status:  The View Analysis has been completed. A Planning Commission public workshop was held in March 2020, and the Commission voted unanimously to bring the item to a future public hearing. The date of the Commission hearing is to be determined.

2750 E. 20th St Site Plan

2020 Walnut Avenue

  • A proposed nine-building industrial development, approximately 150,000 square feet
  • Located on two sites totaling nine acres on vacant property the east and west side of Walnut Avenue, south of E. Hill Street
  • The project includes vacation of a portion of 21st Street, west of Walnut Avenue
  • Applicant: Signal Hill XC, LLC.

Status: Three public workshops have been held. The environmental documents have been circulated for public comment and final responses to comments are pending. Once completed, the project will be scheduled for a public hearing in 2021.

Notice of Recirculated Mitigated Negative Declaration (PDF)

Second Recirculated Mitigated Negative Declaration (PDF) 

Appendices and Reference Materials available upon request.

Xebec 3rd Workshop Site Plan
Xebec 3rd Workshop Rendering

1450 E. 27th St. and 2655 Walnut Avenue

  • A proposed two-building industrial development, totaling 24,000 square feet
  • One industrial building and one flex space suitable for retail, office, or industrial uses 

Developer: 2H Property 3060, LLC 

Status: The Planning Commission held a public workshop on November 17, 2020 to review the project. The project will be scheduled for a future public hearing.

Site Plan
Building one rendering
Building two rendering

2550 Orange Avenue

  • The site was the Majestic Driving Range property which was sold to a new owner in 2018
  • The new property owner has shared conceptual plans for an industrial development on the site
  • No formal project submittal has been received

Developer:  Signal Hill Petroleum

Status:  The new property owner is prepping the site for future sale and development. The site contains multiple abandoned and active oil wells. In 2019, the abandoned wells were located, mapped, and tested for methane emission. Current activity includes demolition of the raised tee box, and removal of obsolete piping and oil field related debris.

2550 Orange
2550 Orange Elevation

2250 Ohio Avenue

  • Proposal to construct a two-story duplex in Planning Area 2 of the Hilltop Area Specific Plan (SP-2) zoning district. Each unit has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, one half-bathroom, and a two-car garage with private driveway spaces in front of the garage.

Applicant: Salvador Cerda and Khanh Nguyen

Status: The second Planning Commission public workshop was held on January 19, 2021. After receiving public comments and feedback, the Commission voted unanimously to continue the project to a public hearing. Prior to a public hearing, the City must make its environmental determination under the California Environmental Quality Act (or CEQA). The next step is for the applicants to prepare and submit the required environmental reports for the City to review as part of their CEQA determination. The date of the public hearing is TBD.

Side Elevations