City of Signal Hill Measure R

Information About Local Measure R and the Local Municipal Election

Information About the Upcoming Municipal Election & Ballot Changes

With the State’s historic all-mail ballot, this year’s voting procedures will be different. The State of California has passed a number of bills changing how our November 2020 election is conducted: 

  • Counties will now be mandated to mail all active registered voters a mail-in ballot. 
  • In person voting will still be permissible. 

Visit or for more information. 

What is on your local Signal Hill ballot?

Signal Hill voters will consider candidates for City Council seats as well as local Measure R. Visit for more candidate information.

Information About Measure R

The Fiscal Situation: Signal Hill is working to maintain City services upon which our residents rely, including 9-1-1 emergency response, public infrastructure, and natural disaster and public health emergency services. To balance our local budget in light of state takeaways of local funds, and the impacts of COVID-19, Signal Hill has made cuts to the City’s budget, impacting the services that residents have told us are priorities, including: 

  • Maintaining local streets and fixing potholes
  • Maintaining sidewalks, street trees, storm drains, parks and recreation facilities including courts, fields, and playgrounds and other infrastructure
  • Preparing for natural disasters and public health emergencies
  • Cleaning and maintaining public areas and eliminating graffiti
  • Maintaining 9-1-1 emergency response times
  • Providing financial assistance to residents and local businesses during natural disasters and public health emergencies
  • Addressing homelessness
  • Providing crime prevention and investigation services

Most of the local sales tax revenue currently generated in Signal Hill goes to the County or State. To date, the State and Federal governments have not provided direct financial assistance to cities like Signal Hill to address local services in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Measure R

On July 28, 2020, the Signal Hill City Council unanimously placed Measure R on the November ballot for voter consideration. If enacted by voters this November, Measure R — known as the City of Signal Hill Financial Stability Measure — would enact a 3/4 cent local sales tax to generate local funds that legally cannot be taken by the County or State.

Measure R Fiscal Accountability Provisions

Measure R accountability provisions include legally required independent audits and annual reports to the community. 

Other Election Issues on the Ballot

In addition to Measure R, voters will also have an opportunity to vote on local City Council candidates. Please make an informed decision in the upcoming Municipal Election. For more information about how to vote, including recent changes made by the State,  please visit