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Hilltop Park


  1. Barbecue Areas
  2. Picnic Tables
  3. Restrooms

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 Size & Facilities

 The size of Hilltop Park is 3.2 acres. 

  • No taco carts allowed
  • No canopies/tents allowed
  • Children's parties not permitted in Hilltop Park

 Available facilities include:

 ItemShelter 1 or 2 (Adult Events Only) Wedding/Open Grass Space
 (3 hr Minimum/Maximum) 
Resident Rate$30 $80/hr
Non-Resident Rate$90$120/hr
Refundable Damage Deposit$50$100
Non-Refundable Damage Deposit$10$30
Maximum Number of People2575
(Shelter rentals are limited to 4 hours)

Hilltop Park Map (includes wedding spaces)
Download the Facility Use Application.