Street Trees

Maintenance Program

The Public Works Department maintains approximately 3,000 street trees throughout the city, including the trees in our City parks. The annual tree trimming program ensures that all trees are kept healthy, attractive, and safe. 

The 2021-2022 Tree Trimming Schedule (PDF) divides the City into four zones and indicates when each zone will be trimmed.

Street Tree Ordinance

The Street Tree Ordinance (PDF) was amended and adopted by City Council on December 6, 2011.

Truck on street doing tree trimming

Tree Care

Trees need special care, especially during drought. The Waterwise Tree Care brochure (PDF) has some useful information to help your street tree survive and flourish. It is possible to save water and save trees(PDF).

Damaged Trees

Storms and wind sometimes cause damage to our trees. Please report damaged trees and fallen tree limbs by using our Citizen Request Form (PDF).

Tree Trimming / Removal

Trees can be trimmed or removed by submitting a Special Request Application (PDF) and related fees. Please see the Public Works Fee Schedule (PDF) for more information on rates and services.