Sustainability in Signal Hill

The City of Signal Hill is committed to striking a balance between economic growth, social responsibility, and environmental well-being by partnering with our neighbors, businesses, and the community to provide a healthy and enduring environment for future generations. 

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Sustainable City Committee

The Sustainable City Committee (SCC) is charged with developing and recommending a sustainability framework to the Council that promotes environmentally sound and financially practical objectives. Meetings are held at 6 p.m. The public is welcome to attend virtually. You can view upcoming and past SCC meeting agendas here (please scroll down until you see "Sustainable Committee" dropdown menus).

2021 Meeting Dates:

  • February 2
  • May 4
  • July 6
  • October 5

The Committee includes: representatives of the City Council, Civil Service Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, and Planning Commission, two community members and one local business member. The members of the City Council who serve on the Committee are appointed by a majority vote of the City Council. Sustainable City Committee Members receive no compensation.

Beacon Spotlight Awards

The Sustainable City Committee is proud to participate in the Beacon Program, sponsored by the Institute for Local Government and the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative. The Beacon Award Program honors the efforts of local governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and promote sustainability. 

In 2018, the City of Signal Hill received two Spotlight Awards – one for energy savings and one for sustainability best practices. Learn more about the projects, activities, and amenities that earned the City this recognition. (PDF)

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Sustainability Award Program

The Sustainable City Committee’s Sustainability Award recognizes those who employ sustainable practices and have a positive environmental mentality. Past award recipients have been recognized for accomplishments such as:

  • Landscaping/irrigation upgrades, lighting upgrades, eliminating redundant lighting;
  • Reducing the amount of waste the school site produces annually by recycling, composting and donating uneaten food;
  • Offering green products, recycling practices, reusable bags for online order delivery and energy efficiency; 
  • Reducing to almost zero waste and participating in cardboards, waste and food recycling programs; and
  • Using state-of-the-art construction methods and energy saving materials that meet or exceed all current building codes. 

Take a look at the Award Winners page.

Proper Disposal of Fats, Oils and Grease

The Sustainable City Committee needs your help to keep our water supply clean and our sewer system healthy. Properly disposing of fats, oils and grease in the kitchen goes a long way in our fight for clean waterways. Download our Guide to FOG (PDF) to learn more. 

Watershed Update

John L. Hunter and Associates provides quarterly newsletters regarding their work for the City. Click here for the latest newsletter.

Yellow Pages Opt Out Program

Do you use your Yellow Pages? If not, the Sustainable City Committee invites you to participate in the Yellow Pages Opt Out Program.