Encroachment Permit

City of Signal Hill residents, businesses, and contractors can now submit encroachment permit applications online. Portal Link is located at the bottom of this page.

For those residents completing a permit for the sole purpose of obtaining a dumpster, moving pod, moving truck, or moving trailer (Basic Permit). Please do the following:

Prior to submitting encroachment permit application:

If you are applying for an encroachment permit for a dumpster due to any remodeling or construction projects, please ensure you have obtained any necessary permits from the Planning/Building Department, including construction & waste demolition permits.

When filling out application: (Basic Permit)

 Application Information

         •     Complete this entire section

Contractor Information

         •    Disregard this section

         •    Put N/A if prompted to fill a line

Project Information

         •    Complete the Job location

         •    Complete description of proposed work

                o    Include dates moving pod/truck/trailer or dumpster will be in Right of Way

         •    For everything else put N/A

For all other encroachment permit applications (Traffic Control, Excavation, Maintaining/Installing infrastructure, etc.) all fields in the application MUST be completed.

1. Use the link to initiate an application for work in City of Signal Hill Right of way.

2. For any Right of way projects requiring excavation, please submit excavation plans stamped by a registered civil engineer. For any Right of way projects requiring traffic control along an arterial or major collector road, site specific traffic control plan stamped by a register civil or traffic engineer are required. Site specific traffic control plans may also be required on other roads dependent on the scope of work (e.g. road closures, extensive trenching, and facility relocations, etc.)

3. Include the Contractor’s State license, Contractor’s City Business License, and Certificate of Insurance (see sample document for insurance requirements) with every application upload.

4. Please allow 10-20 business days for initial review, and 5-7 business days for subsequent reviews. Some reviews may require longer review periods depending on the scope of work proposed.

5. Redlines and comments will posted to the permit file for applicant review under the existing permit system on this portal page.

6. Plan resubmittals or additional documentation requested by the City shall be uploaded by the applicant using the portal page under existing permits.

7. Upon completion of all reviews, and approval of plans, fees will be posted under the existing permits portal page. Following payment of the permit fees due (or project deposit requested), the approved permit will be sent electronically to the applicant email on file, and the status on the permit system will change to “ISSUED”