Developing Around Oil Wells

Property Development and Oil Wells

A unique aspect of development in Signal Hill is that due to the oil legacy of the city, many properties contain abandoned oil wells. These are wells that no longer produce and have been permanently sealed. Abandonments are overseen by the State Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (D.O.G.G.R.). Title 16 of the City’s Municipal Code, the Oil Code, regulates oil production facilities and operations and sets out the standards for development over and around active and abandoned oil wells.

Wells must be precisely located and evaluated by D.O.G.G.R. before building permits can be issued. Applicants must submit a city-approved site plan for the development to DOGGR for review and approval. A useful reference is the City’s Project Development Guide (PDF) which contains procedures for locating and developing on properties with oil wells. For specific questions contact the Oil Services Coordinator at (562) 989-7348 or planning staff in the Community Development Department at City Hall at (562) 989-7344.

Please review the following resources for information:

Properties with Abandoned Oil Wells (PDF)

Fire Department Regulations and Setbacks (PDF)

Black and white image of an oil field