City Manager


The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City and is appointed by the City Council. The Council appoints, by an affirmative vote of at least three of its members, the person who it believes to be best qualified for the position. The decision is made based on an applicant's executive and administrative qualifications, with special reference to experience in, and knowledge of, accepted practice with respect to the duties of the office.

City Manager Carlo Tomaino

Carlo Tomaino was appointed to the position of City Manager in 2023.  In his years working in local government, Carlo has served in a variety of roles in the City Manager’s Office.  Early in his career, Carlo was responsible for managing redevelopment projects and later transitioned into economic development.  He has enjoyed working with numerous local entrepreneurs to help them open their businesses and reinvest in the community.   In Lake Forest, Carlo was also responsible for supporting efforts related to the development of approximately 5,000 homes, the Lake Forest Civic Center campus, and new community parks including the 86-acre Lake Forest Sports Park.  

Working for the City of La Mesa as Assistant City Manager, Carlo was responsible for assisting the City Manager in operating City departments and leading special projects required to facilitate citywide priorities, programs, and initiatives.   In La Mesa, Carlo helped develop programs to reduce homelessness, enhance the local business environment, and promote communication and transparency.  He also worked with departments to launch programs that increased housing stability, provided tenant assistance, and developed the largest affordable housing project in the La Mesa’s history.

During his career, Carlo has developed and implemented strategic plans and worked closely with community organizations to realize their goals.   Carlo is committed to ensuring Signal Hall remains economically vibrant and creating an inclusive culture where residents and employees are appreciated and respected.

Carlo has a master's degree in Public Administration from Cal State University Fullerton and lives in Orange County with his family.