Transportation Programs

Available Programs

The Signal Hill subsidized transportation program is available by application to Signal Hill residents that are over the age of 50 or 62 (50 years for Dial-A-Taxi & 62 for bus fare) or residents 18 years and older who can provide physician verification of disability. Programs allow a reduced fare monthly Bus Pass for Long Beach Transit buses or Dial-A-Taxi voucher books allowing subsidized use of the Yellow Cab service. Signal Hill residents may also be eligible for Long Beach Transit: Dial-A-Lift services, which are certified through Long Beach Transit.  

The transportation programs are subsidized through Proposition A funding. Due to limited funding, the program has a maximum number of participants which also limits the number of vouchers and bus passes available for sale. Once the program reaches the enrollment limit, a waitlist will be established. 

Application Information

To apply for transportation programs, please fill out this transportation application (PDF) and return it to the Parks, Recreation & Library Services (formerly Community Services Department), at the Signal Hill Public Library, 1800 E. Hill Street. You may also contact Parks, Recreation & Library Services at 562-989-7330 for an application or visit us in person.