Fitness Instruction Permits

Use of City Parks for Fitness InstructionFitness_thumb.png

To obtain a Fitness Instructor Use Permit, fitness instructors have to meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of an annual Commercial Fitness Instructor Use Permit
  • Refundable damage deposit of $100
  • Signed release of liability form
  • Evidence of liability insurance naming the City of Signal Hill as additional insured
  • City of Signal Hill business license (for more information on obtaining this, please call (562) 989-7374
  • Annual registration fee of $20
  • Signal Hill residents receive priority in booking instructor permits

In order to maintain the aesthetics of the parks and maintain space in the park for the general public, the following Instructor Use Regulations are in effect:

  • Classes may not exceed a ratio of 1 instructor to 10 participants; Spud Field is the only exception, and may have a participant ratio of 1 to 25, with a maximum of two groups (not to exceed 50 participants) at one time
  • A maximum of two instructors is permitted in a park at any one time
  • Adults may not exercise on playground equipment intended for children
  • Park amenities, including light poles, picnic tables, benches, railings, chain link fencing, freestanding signs, bike racks or barbecue grills, may not be used for exercise activity
  • Equipment may not be affixed to any park amenity (trees, tables, poles, etc.)
  • Exercise equipment weighing over 20 pounds is prohibited in all parks
  • Weights or other equipment (20 pounds or less) may only be used on hard surfaces (basketball court, amphitheater)
  • Instructor is responsible for leaving area clear of debris, clothing and equipment at the conclusion of class

Fitness Instruction Application (PDF)

Fitness Instruction Policies (PDF)

School Team Application (PDF)

School Team Policies (PDF)